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Tips how to save a phone after falling in water

Sometimes only a few drops of water can destroy our phone.Your dropped phone in water, don’t worry there might be a chance to save it.

Although perhaps the best advice is to immediately take it to the service, it is very important to react in time and try to save your precious smartphone.

How will you save a wet phone?

1. The phone must as quickly as possible be removed from the water and turn it off. Do not turn it on until you are sure it is completely dry.


2. Once you turn it off, remove the mask and remove the battery. This will reduce the possibility of destroying the phone.


3. Remove the SIM card and wipe it. Then allow it to dry completely, until the phone is ready for re-use.


4. It is important to disconnect and remove all peripheral devices such as headsets, memory cards and everything else that is added additional.


5. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect the water every 20 minutes until it’s completely dry, but do hold some distance because electricity will further spoil the phone.


6. Do not use a dryer to dry the phone because that way water and moisture from the surface penetrates deeper into the phone where are placed important electronic components.


7. From 2 to 3 days, store the phone in rice or silicon gel to absorb moisture.


8. Or simply leave it on a sunny area to dry, you can put it on a towel.


9. After 24 hours, check the phone if it looks like dry, turn it on to see if it works.


10. If it does not work as it should, let it dry completely or get it to the service.


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