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We Are Addicted To Technology And These Fantastic Photos Prove That

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are like a Casino, each of your clicks is a coin for them, says Tom Chatfield, a technology theorist and the author of the book “Live This Book“.

Have you ever gotten phantom phone messages? Imaginary sounds or vibrations from your pocket? Do you sleep with your phone next to you like 90 percent of people under 30 years? Or maybe you suffer from nomophobia – a disturbance caused by the fear of being out of mobile phone contact, declared Mr. Chatfield.

Tom Chatfield is not the first, and probably not the last person, who will warn us about the technology dangers. Recently, the photographer, Eric Pickersgill, presented our technology dependence with an interesting set of photographs. Photographs that show everyday reality, but with only one modification. Before shooting, the photographer asked the people from the pictures to stay in position, then took their phones from their hands and photographed them. Even though, the photographs may be arranged, you will surely recognize yourself in some of them. You can see more photos on removed.social.

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