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What can you eat for $30 in different countries

When we travel, we want to know how much money we will spend in advance. And most of that money usually is spend on food, especially if you sit in a restaurant. Well, which country can you enjoy in the largest quantities, and for her to pay a little bit? What can you eat for $ 30 dollars in different ...

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The Mistery of The Pink Lake

Lake Hillier

Nature is known for its, sometimes, strange beauties. One of them is the Lake Hillier in Australia. This lake amazes with its pink color. It is located in the vicinity of The Pacific Ocean, therefore the look from the above is incredible.  Scientists are still not sure about the reason of this unique color, but most of them believe that ...

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Strange health advices from Australia

Everyone who lives in Australia should know that the Australians have strange and beautiful natural remedies for common diseases. But do they really help or are they just myths? The health and the well-being are very important for the Australians. It’s not just that the spa culture is very popular over there, but also many Australians more often decide to ...

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