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Why People All Around The World Eat Banana Peel?

You have probably never seen anyone eat a banana peel because we are used to eat only the inside of a banana, and throw the peel. However, in India people eat banana peels for years and it is quite normal. Unlike the inside of the banana, the crust is firm and slightly bitter, so it is clear why they are ...

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Homemade shakes for weight loss and better sport results

We offer a few ideas for the preparation of natural sports shakes that will refresh you while providing some of the essential nutrients you need. There are various recipes with different effects for different needs. Be creative, modify these recipes, create new, more nutritious, interesting recipe. In any case you can make a shake unlike the one in the markets ...

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The easiest way to open and eat pomegranate

Every autumn and winter we all have the same problem – how to get the easy end with the tasty and healthy pomegranate, without making mess in the kitchen? This season don’t surrender, just change the technique. Instead of fighting with the knife, get a bowl full with water and watch the procedure:

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Easy recipe for apple chips

Apple chips is excellent, tasty and healthy snacks. When you are bored of the potato chips and you want to eat something healthy, delicious and in large portions, here’s how to make quick, easy and interesting apple chips.                

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How does 100 calories of fruit look like?

Have you ever asked yourself how many calories does the fruit have? Sure you are bored with counting calories in everything you eat, do the stupid calculations and at the end you still have bad results. Now counting calories is easier. Just follow the list. Fruit 1: Blueberries – 1 and 1/4 cup full with blueberries contains 103 calories. Scientists ...

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