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What can you eat for $30 in different countries

When we travel, we want to know how much money we will spend in advance. And most of that money usually is spend on food, especially if you sit in a restaurant. Well, which country can you enjoy in the largest quantities, and for her to pay a little bit? What can you eat for $ 30 dollars in different ...

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Interesting places where you want to be right now

There comes a time when you are tired of everything, when you want to pack your bags and run away from your everyday life. We will present you some palaces where to be when you don’t want to be at work or at home dealing with problems.  In “infinity pool”   Underwater restaurant   Cave in Kefalonia, Greece. Cocoon hammock ...

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These are the happiest countries you should move to them

World report on where is the happiest place to live, which creates the Commission of the United Nations, offers a list according to which it is clear which country citizens have something to offer. If you ever decide to move, then this are the first 5 countries, where people are the happiest. Denmark Denmark is an EU member since 1973 ...

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10 interesting things you should do in Japan

Japan is an archipelago of 6852 islands. It is the tenth country in the world in the number of population, with over 127 million people. Estimates show that 90% of the population are followers of Buddhism or Shinto. Official language spoken by 99% of the population is the Japanese. Japanese culture has a long tradition, but over the years it ...

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6 Strangest Bars Worldwide

Sea Restaurant

The history of public drinking places dates back from the ancient time. Public drinking houses, as they were called in those days, served as a meeting places for friends and family. Today, there are many types of cafes, for every taste and mood. But, if you are looking for strange, unusual and bizarre cafes, there are places that will fit ...

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