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10 interesting things you should do in Japan

Japan is an archipelago of 6852 islands. It is the tenth country in the world in the number of population, with over 127 million people. Estimates show that 90% of the population are followers of Buddhism or Shinto. Official language spoken by 99% of the population is the Japanese.

Japanese culture has a long tradition, but over the years it evolved while retaining the customs and values of their origin. Contemporary culture is a combination of influences coming from Asia, Europe and North America. Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

In addition we offer 10 interesting and fun things that you should do if you ever visit Japan.

1. Climb Mount Fuji

The highest mountain in Japan is Fuji with 3775 meters. Thousands of Japanese and many tourists take the move each year. The period for climbing is very short and lasts from early July to late August. If you climb to the top you will have the opportunity to be witness to a glorious sight.

2. Take a naked bath with your friends

Going to Japan and showering alone in the bathroom of your hotel room is like to go to China and replace the Beijing duck to the burger and fries. For many tourists the biggest obstacle is to be naked in front of others. Make sure you are not the only ones who are afraid to do so. Your “colleagues” swimmers aren’t interested in this, they are there just to relax.

3. Set in one of the hotels of love

If you are in Japan with your partner, you must not miss the chance to go one night or a few hours in some of the hotels of love. The buildings are mostly glowing with the design, the rooms are beautifully decorated, they have a lot of mirrors, large TV, video games, karaoke machine and much more. Discretion is the primary and most important rule in the love hotel. At the time while you are in the hotel you will not see any staff member except if you do not ask someone. The number of 25,000 love hotels is sufficient evidence of their importance and the great interest of tourists. They have a total of about 500 million visits per year.

4. Visit the casinos with slot machines

Pachinko is a term that indicates a device very similar to gambling on slot machines. At these places people go to relax. Noise and smoky atmosphere in the halls may not be a challenge to go back there again, but the Japanese habit of visiting casinos is deeply rooted.

5. Take a walk through the electronic lane Akiba

If you love electronics and appliances, this place would be like invented for you. This is a place that is equipped with the latest technology, there is a large supply of new electronic devices at very tempting prices.

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