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10 interesting things you should do in Japan


6. Eat a moving belt at a sushi restaurant

Exciting and interesting experience when we try to take your food which is moving in the moving sushi bar.

7. Drive in the train

Driving in the train in Japan will gain experience not similar to anywhere else in the world. From 1964 onwards, shipping in Japan largely takes place through trains. Comfortable seats, the comfortable space and impeccable service are the reasons why we would not want to leave Japanese trains. It must not be forgotten and their speed and accuracy of arrival.

8. Singing karaoke

Singing karaoke in Japan is very popular. There are private furnished rooms that are meant to rent, so you can enjoy singing karaoke. Also singing is considered an interesting way to relieve stress, so forget the shame, grab the microphone in the hands and start singing.

9. Go tournament in sumo wrestling

For many watching sumo wrestlers is not fun and challenging. Yet a shame would be if you are in Japan and not to visit any sumo tournament because these tournaments are part of the tradition and culture of Japan. Sumo wrestlers are not just naked fat men who are pushing. It takes a lot of strength, skill and agility to be a good sumo wrestler.

10. Learn Japanese

It would be good if during your visit to Japan you try to learn a few letters, words, interesting Japanese phrases. Surely you will have fun and laugh at your attempts to say a word or phrase in Japanese.

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