It Ain’t Always Paradise: 3 Tips To Deal With The Stresses Of Travel

You are excited! Time to hit the road and see some new sights. Traveling is a fun and enriching experience but you are bound to run into worries concerning your travels. To address these lower energies it makes perfect sense to prepare yourself for the rigors of hitting the road. Now you know to expect the unexpected. This is a give of course, but if you are willing to do a little legwork before you decide to move around and soak up new – or old – sights, it pays to be well prepared for your excursions. Too many people travel without doing serious legwork before the trip and run into number obstacles which can create a great deal of stress.

Imagine if you are traveling to a city with a nice, clear climate most of the year. Now imagine if you book your trip during the stormier season. Most people are aware of these climate changes of course but you never truly know the best time to travel until you dig deeper into your endeavors. Do not take someone’s word for it; hop online and dig deep to get a better understanding of where you are headed and when you are headed there. Again, doing a little bit of due diligence can help you establish peace of mind when traveling to a particular location.

Expect the Unexpected to Become Fully Accepting of Travel

Stresses will arise as you travel but if you are non-resistant and open to the experience you will have few problems accepting whatever arises. Flight delays, bus detours and all manner of situations will arise. Accept the fact that you are not a soothsayer; you only know what you know in the present and cannot predict every little event along the way. Armed with this wisdom you will not flip out when unexpected situations arise. This is a quick and easy way to enjoy your travels the stress free way.

Make this Vow Going Forward

travelBeing a traveler I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard someone complain for minutes or even hours on end about their travels. Complaining only forces you to continue picturing these imagined injustices, which of course builds stress levels when you focus on these energies. Wherever your attention and energy goes, grows, so stop complaining now. Yes, you might be treated in a certain way by a desperate taxi driver, or tour operator, but complaining about these situations only perpetuates your misery and your stress surrounding the situation. You will be on warning, always paranoid about being cheated and stresses that everybody is out to get you. This is a chief source of travel-related stress. It might be the number 1 origin of anxiety surrounding travel, so take it from a person who has traveled for years at a time. Stop complaining and reduce your stress levels.

Take the Time to Express Gratitude for Your Travels

Do you understand how many people on earth will never leave their hometown? It is an immense privilege to be able to travel domestically or abroad so you should count your blessings and be eternally grateful that you are blessed to visit new, exciting places. Traveling is fun, enriching and totally captivating when you immerse yourself into the experience. Remember this the next time you begin to stress over a certain situation related to your travels.

Be grateful. This shifts your energy from what you are stressing about to what you are grateful for, and this massive shift will kills your travel-related stresses immediately.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers a variety of travel topics; if you are coming through the Peach State on your next trip, consider the Clarion Inn Hotel in Valdosta Georgia during your stay.

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