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Strange laws around the world: Do not pack your bags unless you know this

Packed your bags, you checked the cards and you’re ready for a new adventure? On the holiday everything should be allowed, but there are things that you can not even think to do, at least at certain destinations.
So read carefully and take notes!

1. If you go on tour in India on a motorcycle, be careful where you move and what equipment you have. In some parts of India, women are strictly forbidden to wear helmets, no matter how strange it sounds.

2. You attend the glamorous premiere in California? You have a phenomenal dress for the occasion? Then, after returning from the party seat next to the driver. Ladies in evening dresses are strictly forbidden to sit behind the wheel.

3. If you find yourself in an affair in Korea, never absolutely never write sexy messages with red lipstick on the mirror. This for them is cultural disrespect and violation of spiritual rules.

4. Lunch in a elite restaurant in Austria, Italy, Germany and Malaysia and a few seconds later you grab a gum from your pocket? Stop now! Here chewing in a public place is a violation of etiquette rules.

5. If you find yourself in the land of wine and cheese and someone invites you to dinner, even in a dream do not plan to take a bottle of wine. In France it is a big NO!

6. If you have friends in China and decide to buy a gift, you should know that clocks and umbrellas are not the ideal choice. In fact, the Chinese believe that these things bring bad luck.

7. While many perceive delay as a obscenity, in Venice is desirable to be late for lunch. If you show up on time, then you have done something wrong.

8. If you find at the exotic beaches or places in Dubai, in no way think about exchanges necking with your partner. There are strict penalties on this matter and convicted for making love in public places end in prison for 3 months.

9. Are you planning a trip to Burma? Then get ready to say goodbye to social networks. In this country the Internet is strictly prohibited.

10. Regardless of whether you are in a restaurant or in someone’s home in Portugal, considered it a bad insult to ask for salt and spices that are not on the table. Every extra spice is a sign of humiliation for the cook and the Portuguese are very proud of their cuisine and tradition.

11. Here is customary to leave some money plus for the waiters, but it must not happen to you in Japan. This gesture there is considered objectionable and offensive.

12. In Bolivia you should nonetheless discuss money or food, because otherwise you are characterized as indecent person.

13. When your trip to Milan you won’t have many reasons to be sad – first class pizza and prime shopping are just a few of the many reasons for happiness. Therefore, please note that according to the local etiquette, sad people in the streets of Milan are banned.

14. Unless you have a permission for it, in Cambodia do not dare call out people by name.

15. Germans should never be asked about their payment. It’s scary for them and offensive.

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