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These are the happiest countries you should move to them

World report on where is the happiest place to live, which creates the Commission of the United Nations, offers a list according to which it is clear which country citizens have something to offer. If you ever decide to move, then this are the first 5 countries, where people are the happiest.


Denmark is an EU member since 1973 and NATO since 1949. The standard of living is high, unemployment is low, and wages are excellent.


People in Finland know how to make a real balance between work responsibilities and private life. It is their culture and the secret recipe for quality and happy life.


Norway in recent years is one of the countries which is preferred because of the high standard of living, good jobs, the payment and free education.


The land of tulips is one of the most liberal countries, which makes it very interesting to live.


Canada boasts a high level of political freedom, social people, health and economic stability and a good payment.

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